Monday, December 31, 2007

Silent night dinner

You should know when is Silent Night...
Organized by our church, in the Red Crescent Hall. There were nice foods and also attractive performances...
So I've taken some photos...

But just like last year, have to walk out to buy my own drinks!

Wow... pretty girls...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Watched the movie - The Warlords (in Mandarin)

Watched in 21st December night 11.20 pm I think, in Jaya Jusco. So we went for shopping first, but have to wait before the movie starts...

This movie's story background was in China, during Ching Dinasty, during the rebel of Tai Ping Tian Guo (太平天國) by Hong Xiu Quan (洪秀全). But he wasn't mentioned at all! The main characters were one government general (Pang Qing Yun 龐青雲) and 2 bandits (Zhao Er Hu 趙二虎 and Jiang Wu Yang 姜午陽) who joined him.

This story has covered many many historical facts. In history, the Qing government beat the rebels with the help of Westerners. But this was covered! And if you have watched the movie, you see a cross. If you don't know the history at all, you will never understand why was there a cross. It is because Hong Xiu Quan was a Christian! So probably there were Christian soldiers under him.

And there was cruelty... While the rebels surrendered, yet they ended up being killed, without having any weapon to fight back! What a cruelty... :'(


Represented Christ Church for Carolling in 22nd December...

The arrangement was weird! Jumping here and there, as seem that they don't know the way at all (but actually they know well, because they live there!)

Enjoyable... But don't know what story to tell :-P

More than one week not updating this blog :-P

Haha... Too busy in Wikipedia (especially the Malay one) and real life...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Created a robot in Wikipedia!

Yahoo! Created a robot account in Wikipedia!
For the time being helping up in InterWiki...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cannot become Steward!!!!

Failed in the election.
Nevermind, try again next year!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

What faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingngngngngngngngngngngngng result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UEC result released.
I've to check to result online on the next morning.
Chinese - B3
English - A2
Malay - A2
Advanced Mathematics I - B4
Advanced Mathematics II - C8
Biology - C7
Chemistry - B6
Physics - C7
Computer - A2

Look, $hit right?
Almost impossible to enter university in Singapore... :'(
How!? How!? Macam mana!!??

Learn driving!!

Eventually I started to learn DRIVING!!
I've attended the highway code course December of last year, then passed my highway code test on March of this year. Then I had no time to learn driving, because of study.
So after several problems, eventually I could start to learn driving on 13 December 2007.
There was a 3 hour lecture in the morning, then after lunch we learn about the important parts under the bonet, learn to change tyre, then learn to drive!
I've also met Emerson Leong who was going for highway code course!
Haha he had problem - his IC showed KL address! He had to change his IC...
I really admire him - so fast he knew a pretty girl!

Now awaiting for my L license. Then I'll have to go for at least 10 hours of training before I could go for test.
UEC result release on the same day! I've thought my father to use the internet to check my result online. But he couldn't get it! And I've found the problems - I didn't set up properly in his account!

Friday, December 7, 2007

SPM habis!!

Yahoo!! SPM finished!! مرديك!
Free for several days...
Contributing somemore for the Malay Wikipedia...
Hmm... what to write?

Looking for somewhere that I can get money...
Mana!? Mana!?

Monday, December 3, 2007

SPM is going to finish~!

Tomorrow it will be my last paper - Chinese!
But don't know what will happen, prepare to die for the proverbs, our teacher never tell us to study, while people from the government schools said have to study.
Hmm... so far SPM is quite easy!
Except for Biology.
And for all the sciences, I'm poor in the Paper 3
Not enough experience

Anyway, I've been in easy life for one whole week!
Now I'm standing for Meta-Wiki steward election.
It requires people at least 18 or above.
Then I wanna have Malay Wikipedia chase after the Vietnamese Wikipedia,
they are leading at least 2000 articles!
The Malay edition was once having more articles than the Persian, Vietnamese, ...
Now we are thrown far behind :-(
Chase chase chase

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's now SPM...
Malay... didn't finish Julia! :-P
For the novel question, just wrote things about Perlumbaan Kedua...
English... sigh... sure A!
History? Phew... paper 1 I could still use my common sense for those that I don't know.
Paper 2? Simply wrote for an hour. You know, so many people "bendera putih" (surrender)!
Many people left the hall after half an hour.
Cho Kin Wai even simply glanced through the paper, closed the paper, and slept for 30 minutes!
Mathematics? Senang!

And then last Friday was our last day of schooling...
Miss the beautiful girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Going to face additional mathematics.
Today went to McDonald with Ong Chee Soon to discuss.
Really helped each other!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Graduation ceremony... SPM coming

It was Graduation Ceremony on 9 Nov 2007.
My last year in Poi Lam...
But every year nobody cry in the ceremony! We are all kayu... no feeling... perhaps we are amphibians!
The first time I used my own camera to take some photos.
The last Saturday I go to school!
One more week to graduate, so must make good use of these few days to look at the beautiful girls... :-P

And SPM is coming!
$hit, only finished Perlumbaan Kedua and The Pearl!
Prepare to fail History, maybe, never studied before... :'(

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Edu Fair

Saturday (two days ago)...

An Educational Fair in our school...
I think all the 9 Chinese independant schools in Perak sent their students here.
So many people!
There was also a mini book exhibition in front of the hall.

By the way Ho Chun Fei has recovered from chicken pox.
He missed almost one whole week of lesson!
Nevermind, SPM only... hehe...

So many local colleges and universities in the Fair. Not interested.
But I've met a primary school friend who is now in Shen Jai High School!
Walked past so many stands. Simply received their prospectus.
But I've approached Monash University, and also Singapore Education.
Not much information about study in Singapore I could get... :-(

Regret didn't approach UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman). Thought I'm not interested, but now I think I should have gone there.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tomorrow back to school...

Finally, finished my post-UEC 5 days holiday!
Bought some books to prepare for SPM...

Recently the Malay Wikipedia got vandalised by an Indonesian! He kept adding a burning Malaysian flag and add anti-Malaysia slogans... really vandalised to death! We were tired solving these. Thanks to some people from the Indonesian Wikipedia who came and help up.

Why must the Indonesians hate us so much? Kita serumpun kenapa nak macam ni!!??

Thursday, October 25, 2007

UEC habis!!!!!!!!

Yeah, my UEC has finished!!!!
But still have SPM to go, but not important.
I take SPM just for the cert.
UEC is the one that really concern my future!
But how many A's? Maybe 3-6?
English sure can, maybe computer, then... Malay? Advanced Maths I? Chemistry? ...

So many days never login, and many things happened...
The chief invigilator of our UEC was once our school teacher!
Then on Monday Ho Chun Fei of S3S1 got chicken pox and isolated from us, then he was absent for the last day...

Have to prepare for Malay, History, Moral... for SPM...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

UEC next week!!

From 16th October to 23rd October.

My final exam was reeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy shit! Failed sosososo many... :-(

This week study leave. Plenty of time to study now...

But the Physics teacher couldn't finish our Physics!

Now our Principal has retired...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

SPM Trial...

Started on Monday.
First day Malay, then English and History paper 1 on Tuesday, yesterday History paper 2 and Moral...
Didn't study anything!
Leave everything after UEC...

Monday, August 27, 2007

School reopening...

Sorry... more than one month not updating... Too busy...
In study... Wikipedia... etc.

Duh... an administrator in Malay Wikipedia now!! It's fun using my sysop right, I can delete inappropriate pages, but I've gone busy till mad on every Saturday afternoon!!!! No active admin for that period of time. Fortunately now there is someone who is applying for adminship can lighten my burden for that time.

$hit $hit monthly test result!! So many fails... So many stars in my report card...

Got some money!! I've applied for grant from the school Parent & Teachers Association for Pasir Puteh by my last year GCE O-Level result, and got money!! This year the most... By the way why were there nobody from Senior 2!!??

A 9 days school holidays, staying at home without my mom, she had gone to KL for a course (Special Education).

School is going to reopen... SPM Trial Exam... but I'm not prepared! Nevermind... leave the SPM things after UEC...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday St. Peter's Church

This morning we have our combined worship (English, Cantonese and Malay) at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant. It's 60th anniversary of our church! Then have lunch there...

There's dinner too, but only my mom went. My father have translated the menu, so he think I wouldn't like the dishes... then he took me to KFC instead.

Why are the chicken so small!!!!

Now there are 7 hours left for my request to become an administrator in the Malay Wikipedia... so far 4 supports, 3 opposes and 1 neutral.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

1st time getting on small bus in morning

This morning it's the first time I get on the small school bus in morning! But later have to change bus...

Today there was Leo Club major project in school. The topic "Everyone is talented" (I'm not sure whether this is exactly the title). Just some performances after some speeches... Unlike the past when someone was invitedto give a talk.

And after that, still have to attend ECA for JUST ONE HOUR!! $hit...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My 2nd day wearing a cross in school

Yesterday I wore it starting from the 2nd last period (9th period). Only Edison Shum noticed it. Then after school Ng Kok Yap (S1S1) noticed it too...

Today I wore it to school! Then Looi Kuan Yee noticed it. Jeremy Wong and somemore saw it too. Jeremy said it's beautiful! Then during 2nd period, Mdm Yip saw it too, told me to hide it! After school, Tai Zan Song (3J3) saw it!

Today, during 4th & 5th period, there was a talk on going to Bronte College in Canada. The principal (or whatever it is) was a classmate of our principal! Our principal said that the old friend got no.1 in their Biology course in university! The principal of the college was also said to have gone to Canada to do her PhD, later started the Bronte College. This college once advertised in our school magazine of year 2004. Just at the back cover!

But I'm not interested.... I'd like to go to university...

Still busy with my homework...

Monday, July 2, 2007


Eww... I'm so fucking busy today!! Haven't finish my Malay homeworks, Maths homework, ... Have to rush, the school bookchecking is coming!!!!

Rush rush rush... then I may prepare for my coming monthly test without these pressure... The monthly test will be end of this month...

Last night

Last night we went to take Pizza Hut!! Actually we wanyed it two weeks ago (Father's Day), but at that time there were too many people queueing up, so we went to KFC instead...

Nice pizza!

Before dinner, I've applied once more to become an administrator in the Malay Wikipedia. I've applied once before, but the result of the election was - 3 supports, 4 opposes, and 2 neutrals!! I still want to contribute to this Malay Wikipedia. It has a great potential to develop. now it has over 20,000 articles, while the English has over 1,500,000 articles!! I will always be in the Malay Wikipedia...

Wait for two weeks and see...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My new cross necklace

Today I've bought a new cross necklace in church! Quite big. I don't know what the lace is made of. Rubber? The cross is made of pewter. RM6.

Happy to have one...

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today we attended a talk on further study to Singapore. It was a few people from the AMCISA (Association of Malaysia Chinese Independant Schools Alumni). They are now studying in either NUS (National University of Singapore) or NTU (Nanyang Technological University). They were previously students from Chinese private schools.

They talked about why study there, the courses, costs, life...

Then when we were to ask questions, I asked how many A's should we get in UEC. They couldn't answer! All they could say was just depending on the performance of the year.

Now I've to start to track them:


Yesterday night was our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi, came to our school for the dinner by the . The school have been renovating a few places for about two weeks!! Have to get ready for such a "big shot"...

So, the school dismissed early yesterday, 2.10 am. But my school bus driver came late!! He didn't know about this. The mini school bus came as usual. Only a few of us!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today the school bus so late...

My school bus came late today!!

This morning after 1st period (Computer), I saw a school bus from Menglembu just arrived and released the passengers!!

And after school, I wanted to see Mdm. Chin (Lee Phin), but very short while there, then she received a phone call from a student's parent...

Luckily no school magazine meeting today... Next Wednesday maybe.

Shit!! Waited for my school bus until 4 pm!! It should come around 3.30 pm till 3.45 pm.

We were already separated into 2 groups for different buses. The small bus came in time. Yet my big bus... sooooo late!!!!

You know, Mr. Yap had to phone the driver after he saw us waiting for so long. He asked us whose bus are we taking. And I was the only one who could answer the driver's name! When a big bus came, someone thought that's the one. But actually it was to Bercham!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

April life

Now I'm writing whatever happened in April...

Cheng Beng fell in this month for this year. Yet my grandmother (father's mother) arranged the family to go to my grandfather's (father's father) tomb on my school day!! WHY!!?? She seemed to think that I don't like to go. You know, actually I like to go to my grandfather's tomb, even though he passed away before I was born. He was dead in 1975. At first he was buried in the Hokkien cemetry in Gopeng Road (Now Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah). Later my grandma moved his bones to the Christian cemetry in Tambun Road.

Good Friday again!! And before that was The Last Supper. I haven't done confirmation to the church yet. But I was still allowed to go for Holy Communion every Last Supper.

I've taken part in the school's English Essay Competition!! Eww... I took such a long time to apply leave from the Chinese Orchestra, as it was Sunday. I was happily selected by the teacher. Even if he didn't select me, I'd still volunteer myself! I wrote about whether examination should be abolished. I think I got to be the best English writer in my class :-P But whether I can win the championship... Wow, there were so many competitors there!! So many good writers in Senior classes such as Joyce Leow Kein Han, Careena, ...

For Senior level, we were required to write at least 200 words I think. I wrote 600 over words!!

And I was the 2nd last to leave, leaving Joyce Leow alone with Ms. Regina...

Later, I've also taken part in the Chinese Essay Competition!! I volunteered myself. Those whom were chosen by teacher: Chin Sook Huey, Lulu Loo Siew Theng, Ong Yen Theng, Chow Yiing, Loh Jen Fei, Tan Chii Yong, and don't know anymore... I wrote about giving comment to the tragedy of the young girl from China called Yang Li Juan (楊麗娟)crazied on Andy Lau, resulting in her father's death. For your infomation, her parents managed to take her to Hong Kong for Andy Lau, even though they have been in poverty. Yet just because she could only meet Andy Lau and took photograph with him for once, her father blamed Andy Lau for being heartless, so he commited suicide by jumping into the sea... So sad...

I'm very satisfied with myself, but I think it would be a great surprise for everyone if I win a prize, even if it is 3rd placing. Again, so many good writers...

I've wrote 1612 words!! And I was the last one to finish!! Mdm. Gho Lie Luan have to wait for me to count the words... :-P

Eventually I've entered the Essay Competition for all three languages!! But for the Malay one, sigh... I just simply wrote the story about missed in a jungle with friends... No experience!! So everything was $hit!! Why must they give such topic!!?? Couldn't they give something more mature, like factual essay!? I'm good in factual essay, you know...

At the end of the month, I always couldn't connect to internet. My Streamyx password got rejected, rejected, rejected!! And I've complained by phone 3 times. Even though every complaint managed to bring me to solution, yet the third one asked me to change password. I took the advice. After that, I've never encounter problem in connecting...

Monday, June 25, 2007

So long never blog...

I've not been blogging for a long time... So lazy to blog...
2 months...
So many things happened...