Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today the school bus so late...

My school bus came late today!!

This morning after 1st period (Computer), I saw a school bus from Menglembu just arrived and released the passengers!!

And after school, I wanted to see Mdm. Chin (Lee Phin), but very short while there, then she received a phone call from a student's parent...

Luckily no school magazine meeting today... Next Wednesday maybe.

Shit!! Waited for my school bus until 4 pm!! It should come around 3.30 pm till 3.45 pm.

We were already separated into 2 groups for different buses. The small bus came in time. Yet my big bus... sooooo late!!!!

You know, Mr. Yap had to phone the driver after he saw us waiting for so long. He asked us whose bus are we taking. And I was the only one who could answer the driver's name! When a big bus came, someone thought that's the one. But actually it was to Bercham!!

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