Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving to new blog...

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Final exam finished!!!!!!!

I've taken the last paper - Malaysian Studies :D

Yesterday? The Database Systems was easier than expected :D so should have a little chance to pass... And today's Malaysian Studies? Phew... real easy true-false questions and multiple choice questions... but the Section C? A bit different story. Just write whatever :P

Then I went to the Iranian stall wanted to stuff on Iranian food - oh God they were not ready yet! :-( So I went on to the Pakistani stall to eat chicken & cheese naan.

Thought of going home today, but I ended up sleeping in the afternoon :P so I'm going home tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Minicity

Here is the link, please click it:

The name if the city is Ipoh Baru. Please help me to increase the population by visiting this city, thanks! ;-)

Exam... exam... exam...

Returned from ASOD opening ceremony, on Sunday I went to All Saints' Church again. Eh? Jason and Poh Yee came back? They came back to attend meeting. And Billy... LOL... he was surprised to see me back! He didn't know when is my attendance to the ASOD exactly, so before I explained, I jokingly told him that I got kicked out because of only looking at girls :P (because he told me before I went to Slim River, "Keep it up, don't just stare at girls..."

It is exam week now... Tuesday - Computer Programming I; Wednesday - Database Systems; Thursday - Malaysian Studies...

Now I've taken Computer Programming I... Gosh I know nothing of pointers!!!!!!! Should be able to pass...

Database Systems - I think I'm going to fail :-( I shouldn't have taken this subject, but should have taken Mathematical Technique I which is maths maths maths maths maths...

Will comment about Malaysian Studies...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Attended ASOD 2009 Opening Ceremony

Countdown with some All Saint's Church friends - but Jason and his cousin sisters did not turn up. So only Billy (I mean among these few people). Actually I wanted to stay overnight in church, but ended up sleeping in Ryan's house because the church gate was locked :P We went to pasar malam in Taman Connaught, then went to church, couldn't go in, so went to Ryan's house to countdown.

About 7am next morning I got ready, took breakfast and then went to KL Sentral. Jason and the cousins were late! And... LOL... Jason didn't know where to wait for train. I got to tell him where. And... eh? Poh Yee... Vincent... also come! One more - wai heng.

We get on the train, heading to Slim River... On the way I watched the trackside... oh, poor Ulu Yam railway station, it is not only closed but also abandoned and left rotten :'( For your information Ulu Yam is near Batang Kali, the Ulu Yam railway station is near the Batang Kali Komuter station, in the south. After you pass by the Serendah Komuter station, you will pass by the Ulu Yam railway station before you reach the Batang Kali Komuter station.

Later - the Behrang railway station! It is after Tanjung Malim (I mean northwards). Behrang railway station - rebuild, but passenger trains never stop there. I wonder what is it for... I found that the platform entrance seems closed by a glass... What is the Behrang railway station for!? Cargo (freight)!? LOL... A freight station doesn't have to be so big, the Kota Bharu (not the Kelantan state capital, it is the one near Gopeng, and between Kampar with Batu Gajah on the railway line) and the Lahat (south of Ipoh) railway halts (mini station) are actually freight stations. The Behrang new station is about as big as the Slim River, Tanjung Malim...

Finally... arrived Slim River... I know the way out :D we get on the church van, even though it is so near! We went into the church, put our things, help to keep the Christmas tree... then we went out for a meal, Jason and his cousins sisters had not taken their breakfast. For me - it was taking my lunch :D Then 2pm we have the opening ceremony. Opened by Ven. Canon Peter Chiang, from Christ Church Jinjang. By the way this church is under Rev. Raymond Lai. My ASOD 2008 friends, Philip from St. Luke's Church Teluk Intan and May from St. Michael's Church Ipoh, also came for the ceremony. Then... tea time... games (but I didn't play :P)... Philip found that Simon (Our Saviour's Church Salak Selatan) admitted into hospital! Dengue!?

At night, we went to Behrang for shopping. A small supermarket, just like the one next to the church (Famili Mart, formerly Best7), this one is TF. "Since 1957"!? So old!? My mum suddenly phoned me, surprisingly found that I went to Slim River! :D After we arrived back to church, I slept until 12am, then I studied my Malaysian Studies for exam, then went to bed on 3am. But I couldn't sleep, until 4 something... :P

We woke up around 7am, then 7.30am we have the spiritual training until 8.30am, breakfast, 9.15am class starts. Rev Jacob Bau (in charge of ASOD) came and settle some matters, such as rules and regulations in ASOD, how to go home after Orang Asli Ministry, camp fees... then I followed him back to KL.

I arrived campus 2 something pm...