Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today mydad and I got great headache of my timetable. We tried so hard to make a new timetable. End up I have no lunch time on Wednesday and Thursday unless I drop Technical Communication.

I couldn't go to St. Peter's Church, I couldn't go to St. Michael's Church... couldn't meet mylovely friends :-( only my parents

Why only my parents? Because I couldn't buy ticket for tomorrow afternoon and evening! Have to say goodbye in the morning :-( 10.30 Sri Maju


Started very early morning of Thursday, 5 something... so many time I went to toilet... at firstI was not sure about the presence of clinic in our campus, but as I went online, Stephanie (an OC during Orientation Week) told me about the clinic, but have to wait until 2.30 pm because the doctor has gone for prayer. Then I fell asleep. AfterI woke up I seemed to feel alreight. But at night I felt I really need to see doctor, then I walked to the clinic , CLOSED! Closed at 10 pm, I reched there 10 something. Onthat day I didn't attend lesson.

Friday - I went to the hostel counter for help. The campus doctor hadn't come yet (could be 10.30am!), so they sent me to see a doctor in Dengkil. And it cost me RM35! So, I took medicine, and rest... skipped another lesson... In the afternoon I packed up and go back to Ipoh... 6.30pm Plusliner.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now it's my 3rd week in MMU...

Late for this morning's lesson, supposed to be 11am, but I reached about 11.15 am.

Oh yes, yesterday I bought new printer, because couldn't find adaptor to convert between USB and LPT1. Today I've used my brand new printer!

2nd week in MMU

My lesson start on Tuesday... much more relaxed than Oreintation Week. Opened my new bank account at CIMB Bank in order to apply for PTPTN loan. Have fun with my laptop.


Then only I realised - Wednesday and Thursday are 9am to 4pm! Got to rearrange my timetable...

Friday no lesson again! Went to KL and... then I rushed back to take dinner and then go and catch the bus! Transnasional 9.30pm!!

Just got it!

Saturday - my dad went to Cameron Highlands. Afternoon my mom took me and the few kids we always take, to church. In our YF we just make ladybirds, ladybirds, ladybirds... Then, at night I couldn't go to St. Michael's Church, because my dad was too tired... but it's fortunate, because I could rearrange my timetable. But... I couldn't fit it Mathematical Techniques I!! Now only 13 credit hours... :-( Then now, everyday I have lesson.

Sunday - as the previous week, joined my parents to the Cantonese service. This time it was Deaconess Wong Yoke Chan from St. Augustine's Church giving sermon. I cannot understand Cantonese sermons!!!!

I wanted to go back after 4pm, but no ticket until 9.30 pm. If 9.30? Then we I reach MMU I can't go in, the gate closes at 12am. I bought the 5am ticket, Plusliner.

Monday - I couldn't get up! My dad came and wake me up about 4.55 am, we quickly rushed there and... ohh... got up the bus...

1st week in MMU...

1st week Oreintation Week, too busy to go online... What a tiring week... and bored me to death... all sorts of childish functions and lots of briefing, discipline... no time to rest (except meals)! Just get to know a few friends, such as other new students (known as "freshies") and Oreintation Commitees (OCs).

Then, on Friday, I've done course registration. I woke up so late! Then, I forgot to bring my main timetable! ...!!!! I just simply arranged here and there... I couldn't find "Technical Communications"! While there are suppose to have 19 credit points, I got only 16. Later, I went to the administration office to find out what document I didn't submit (I knew because my name tag is without photo). I was told that I didn't submit my SPM result. After that I packed up and look for my way out at 4.30 pm. Walked out of the campus, wait for RapidKL bus 429 to Cyberjaya Sentral, wait for bus E1 to Pasar Seni (near Jalan Petaling). I missed one E1!

It took me long time to reach Pasar Seni and look for my way to Puduraya bus station. I couldn't buy ticket from famous companies like Transnasional, Plusliner... and end up I got to buy a 8pm ticket from the person shouting "Ipoh! Ipoh! Ipoh!" by RM30! Then we waited, moved here and there... until 9.30pm! You know, this is cheating, so next time don't buy ticket from these people, always buy from the counter, unless all the counters have sold out!

Saturday - afternoon skipped Youth Fellowship, went to look for notebook computer, at night went to St. Michael's Church while my parents went for dinner. No YF there, but we went to the church service, because the principal of the Sekolah Teologi Malaysia, Rev. Dr. Ezra Kok, came to give sermon about the book of Ephesus. At the end, my parents came after dinner.

Sunday - Father's Day, ...

Monday - back to MMU. Took a 3.30pm Plusliner to KL, arrived there and take LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan, wait for about 20 minutes for KLIA Transit to Putrajaya Sentral, take a 429 bus back to MMU. Reached MMU about 8.30pm.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Going away from Ipoh...

To Multimedia University in Cyberjaya.

I've grown a lot of roots in Ipoh. I really wish I don't need to go so soon, unless I have my own residence over there. I prefer to have my own residence than staying in the hostel. Staying in the hostel means staying with friends 24 hours. Then where's my privacy!? Furthermore, I haven't enjoy myself in Ipoh yet!

Eventually... pass

Driving test, but...

So late only I can get my driving license :-( I wish I've passed earlier, then I could simply go round as I wish.


Wednesday, 4 June 2008 - the last day I work in Ray of Hope.

Kimberly bought me a cake, they have a farewell party for me... it's so touching

Well, I don't know what to say over here, but - I miss you all!

Become volunteer in Ray of Hope

No longer paid :-(

I helped my mom to type her lesson plan for June, and also help to prepare for the stall in the Anglican Diocesan Women Conference on Tuesday. The DWC was from Monday to Wednesday, but we only go on Tuesday. Besides that, some of the students - the so-called "Percussion Band", were sent there to perform.

Met several women, such as Pasfe Lin, Pasfe Bau...

At first my mom adviced me not to go there, thinking that I would be bored, but I insisted to go. Finally, I enjoyed myself there!

New mobile phone!!

It's a Sony Ericsson K770i. Replace my old, 5-years old Sony Ericsson T610. At first I thought of K800i and K810i, but they are older models, and I keep hearing such as "they may be reckon"...

The only thing I don't like about K770i is - no infrared! Yeah, Bluetooth is much more convenient than infrared, as Bluetooth - 10m; infrared - 10cm, but there are also phones which have infrared but no Bluetooth!

My mom will use the T610, and we agreed that she's goingto buy new SIM card.

We bought the phone in Greentown Mall. Then we went to Bishop's house nearby...

Oh God, now even Bisfe knows THE story...

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Alone" in Ipoh

The English Youth (History Makers) have their Amazing Race 2 in Pangkor Island. The 7 key people of the Chinese Youth (Descendant of Light) went to Penang for one whole week for KidsGames in St. Paul's Church.

Anyway, on Saturday night I went to St. Michael's Church for the 2nd time. This time, it was still my dad sent me to Jaya Jusco (Kinta City), and another friend took me from there.

Eh? Anna Lee must have withdrawn from National Service. She has become prettier. And, haha, put on weight...

Seemed nothing. They practice dancing conducted by Anna Lee, for their Youth Sunday in July.

Their leader, Stella Chong, helped me to arrange my transport home. At first I was to get on the First Garden van (so far!), but fortunately someone was going to Pasir Pinji, so...

Thank you sister Stella! You're so kind!

Fukkkkkkkkkkkk.......... Failed driving test for the SECOND TIME!!!!

This time it was at the U-turn. I stepped too much on the accelerator. Even before that I've been scolded by the tester for some dangerous events, such as changing lane too late, ... by the way I'm not used to such a new car.


Wait for another week... I'm still not mobile :-(