Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st week in MMU...

1st week Oreintation Week, too busy to go online... What a tiring week... and bored me to death... all sorts of childish functions and lots of briefing, discipline... no time to rest (except meals)! Just get to know a few friends, such as other new students (known as "freshies") and Oreintation Commitees (OCs).

Then, on Friday, I've done course registration. I woke up so late! Then, I forgot to bring my main timetable! ...!!!! I just simply arranged here and there... I couldn't find "Technical Communications"! While there are suppose to have 19 credit points, I got only 16. Later, I went to the administration office to find out what document I didn't submit (I knew because my name tag is without photo). I was told that I didn't submit my SPM result. After that I packed up and look for my way out at 4.30 pm. Walked out of the campus, wait for RapidKL bus 429 to Cyberjaya Sentral, wait for bus E1 to Pasar Seni (near Jalan Petaling). I missed one E1!

It took me long time to reach Pasar Seni and look for my way to Puduraya bus station. I couldn't buy ticket from famous companies like Transnasional, Plusliner... and end up I got to buy a 8pm ticket from the person shouting "Ipoh! Ipoh! Ipoh!" by RM30! Then we waited, moved here and there... until 9.30pm! You know, this is cheating, so next time don't buy ticket from these people, always buy from the counter, unless all the counters have sold out!

Saturday - afternoon skipped Youth Fellowship, went to look for notebook computer, at night went to St. Michael's Church while my parents went for dinner. No YF there, but we went to the church service, because the principal of the Sekolah Teologi Malaysia, Rev. Dr. Ezra Kok, came to give sermon about the book of Ephesus. At the end, my parents came after dinner.

Sunday - Father's Day, ...

Monday - back to MMU. Took a 3.30pm Plusliner to KL, arrived there and take LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan, wait for about 20 minutes for KLIA Transit to Putrajaya Sentral, take a 429 bus back to MMU. Reached MMU about 8.30pm.

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