Sunday, June 29, 2008


Started very early morning of Thursday, 5 something... so many time I went to toilet... at firstI was not sure about the presence of clinic in our campus, but as I went online, Stephanie (an OC during Orientation Week) told me about the clinic, but have to wait until 2.30 pm because the doctor has gone for prayer. Then I fell asleep. AfterI woke up I seemed to feel alreight. But at night I felt I really need to see doctor, then I walked to the clinic , CLOSED! Closed at 10 pm, I reched there 10 something. Onthat day I didn't attend lesson.

Friday - I went to the hostel counter for help. The campus doctor hadn't come yet (could be 10.30am!), so they sent me to see a doctor in Dengkil. And it cost me RM35! So, I took medicine, and rest... skipped another lesson... In the afternoon I packed up and go back to Ipoh... 6.30pm Plusliner.

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