Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I scored 6 marks out of 10 marks for the lab test.

I arrived Ipoh and my godfather Kok Chin Choong came in a van (carrying children) to send me back to St. Peter's Church. I reached SPC after 6pm, then we went to an Indian Muslim shop for dinner, then my parents sent me to Jusco to wait for a van to go to St. Michael's Church. Wow... more than one hour! So long... And there were far less people, people like Anna, Michael... disappeared. Heard that they have gone to KL for a Worship in Songs training. And have to go back early, don't know why...

Bought some books in Ipoh for study...

Then the following Saturday, SMAC no Youth Fellowship, then in SPC the important people in the Chinese Youth Fellowship disappeared, we just kept playing games...

Now it's the last week before mid-term break. But this coming Tuesday have to sign the PTPTN loan agreement!

I will go back this coming Friday, attend both YF on Saturday, then follow Ray of Hope to SMAC on Sunday - we will have a mini food fair! I've been longing to go there for Sunday worship. I wish to meet ________.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lab test coming...

This coming Saturday. Computer Programming I (TCP1231).

On Tuesday night I went to KL to change my bus ticket to Saturday 2.30pm. My parents adviced me not to go home. But now... I think the chance for me to go home is 99%. My dad told me that Anwar may be arrested on the next day (Yesterday).

Then Anwar was really arrested yesterday afternoon around 1pm! He was back home from the Anti Corruption Agency. He had appointment with the police at 2pm.

This morning he was released.

I've dropped Japanese. Just put down one burden for this trimester. Tomorrow I'll have no lesson for the whole day and I'll come back from Ipoh on Monday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I realise that I'm far behind in the Japanese lesson

I wanna drop!!!! If not then my GPA (Grade Point Average) may turn out <2.0!!!! Then I can't get the PTPTN loan!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow... how many times I balik kampung!?


Latest news of me in MMU - I dropped 2 subjects! TMT1011 and LES1010. TMT1011 is actually not in my major, I founded out. My dad and I misunderstood the list.It's actually not my schecule, just a list of subjects of the faculty - Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). Now? Only 13 credit hours! Then the LES1010 (Technical Communication), when I attended the lesson I didn't even understand what is it about, just knowing that we were given an assignment - doing a survey. I registered late, so I was left behind. I decided to do next year, maybe. Then the next trimester I will also do Mathematical Techniques I which is meant for this trimester.

Saturday I just went to St. Peter's Church, didn't go to St. Michael's Church. Because SMAC has Youth Sunday, and started early (7.30pm). My dad is lazy to send me all the way to Kampung Tawas. Stella told me that if they are to arrange their van to take me there, I have to wait at 6pm. But at that time was 5.45 pm, I was still in SPC! I haven't take my dinner! Nevermind, see you this coming Saturday, maybe.

This morning I went back to English 2nd service. Speaker - Pastor Ling from... I don't know what church is that, but I'm sure not Anglican.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Why - it seem that I'm invisible to you.
Or, you think you're invisible to me!? No.
Why, that is so long ago, and I thought it is alright now, but...

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th time balik kampung~

Argh!!!! Printer no more black ink!!!! And my refill is a failure :-(
Then on Friday, I missed the Japanese lesson because I didn't have my notes ready, and haven't memorize the things :-(
In the afternoon, I took KLIA Transit from Putrajaya to KL Sentral, went to PTPTN One Stop Centre to buy the application form...

I was supposed to take Transnasional 6.30pm, but the bus delayed until almost 8!! By the way the 5.30pm bus delayed to 7pm.

Saturday morning - went back to Poi Lam to get my school magazine of last year, then met a few friends, then bought printer cartridges (colour and black) ... then in the afternoon went to St. Peter's Church YF, and then in the evening managed to persuade my dad to let me go to St. Michael's Church...

Yoohoo!! Actually my parents have made noises regarding my attendance to St. Michaels' Church YF. It is very far from our house - from somewhere near Pasir Pinji up to Kampung Tawas! That's at least 30 minutes! Furthermore we are not members of that church, they think it's not nice to always go there. My mum said I should go to either our St. Peter's Church English YF (History Makers) or the Mandarin service.

Eventually, after 2 weeks not attending there, I went there again!! So exciting!! I negotiated with them about the transportation, we agreed that my dad drop me at Jaya Jusco and the church van come and take me.

After I arrived there, my parents went to Tesco for shopping. And I enjoyed in SMAC... escpecially it's Stella's birthday!! Unfortunately she had no birthday cake, just a giant birthday card. After ended, I got to knew Michelle Poo...

Sunday - nothing special actually, morning I joined the Cantonese service but still almost entirely not understanding the sermon. Afternoon makan with a few people. Continue filling the PTPTN form - shading on the OMR $hit (haha... sheet -> shit -> $hit) is so tiring! Then my dad took over. Now just wait for him to let the Oath Commissioner sign the form. I will check the code of MMU and my course. Evening took 5.15pm Sri Maju, bt late by 5 minutes, then it stopped at Medan Gopeng and Gopeng, arrived Puduraya bus station 8.45pm, then took LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan, took KLIA Transit to Putrajaya, took RapidKL bus to MMU...

Thursday, July 3, 2008