Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2nd week in MMU

My lesson start on Tuesday... much more relaxed than Oreintation Week. Opened my new bank account at CIMB Bank in order to apply for PTPTN loan. Have fun with my laptop.


Then only I realised - Wednesday and Thursday are 9am to 4pm! Got to rearrange my timetable...

Friday no lesson again! Went to KL and... then I rushed back to take dinner and then go and catch the bus! Transnasional 9.30pm!!

Just got it!

Saturday - my dad went to Cameron Highlands. Afternoon my mom took me and the few kids we always take, to church. In our YF we just make ladybirds, ladybirds, ladybirds... Then, at night I couldn't go to St. Michael's Church, because my dad was too tired... but it's fortunate, because I could rearrange my timetable. But... I couldn't fit it Mathematical Techniques I!! Now only 13 credit hours... :-( Then now, everyday I have lesson.

Sunday - as the previous week, joined my parents to the Cantonese service. This time it was Deaconess Wong Yoke Chan from St. Augustine's Church giving sermon. I cannot understand Cantonese sermons!!!!

I wanted to go back after 4pm, but no ticket until 9.30 pm. If 9.30? Then we I reach MMU I can't go in, the gate closes at 12am. I bought the 5am ticket, Plusliner.

Monday - I couldn't get up! My dad came and wake me up about 4.55 am, we quickly rushed there and... ohh... got up the bus...

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