Monday, June 2, 2008

"Alone" in Ipoh

The English Youth (History Makers) have their Amazing Race 2 in Pangkor Island. The 7 key people of the Chinese Youth (Descendant of Light) went to Penang for one whole week for KidsGames in St. Paul's Church.

Anyway, on Saturday night I went to St. Michael's Church for the 2nd time. This time, it was still my dad sent me to Jaya Jusco (Kinta City), and another friend took me from there.

Eh? Anna Lee must have withdrawn from National Service. She has become prettier. And, haha, put on weight...

Seemed nothing. They practice dancing conducted by Anna Lee, for their Youth Sunday in July.

Their leader, Stella Chong, helped me to arrange my transport home. At first I was to get on the First Garden van (so far!), but fortunately someone was going to Pasir Pinji, so...

Thank you sister Stella! You're so kind!

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