Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today we attended a talk on further study to Singapore. It was a few people from the AMCISA (Association of Malaysia Chinese Independant Schools Alumni). They are now studying in either NUS (National University of Singapore) or NTU (Nanyang Technological University). They were previously students from Chinese private schools.

They talked about why study there, the courses, costs, life...

Then when we were to ask questions, I asked how many A's should we get in UEC. They couldn't answer! All they could say was just depending on the performance of the year.

Now I've to start to track them:

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bycbong said...


The minimum ECA point in order stay back in hostel is really depend on the average ECA of that year.

For my case, 1st year is 36, 2nd year is 45, 3rd year is 52, 4th year is 43