Monday, December 3, 2007

SPM is going to finish~!

Tomorrow it will be my last paper - Chinese!
But don't know what will happen, prepare to die for the proverbs, our teacher never tell us to study, while people from the government schools said have to study.
Hmm... so far SPM is quite easy!
Except for Biology.
And for all the sciences, I'm poor in the Paper 3
Not enough experience

Anyway, I've been in easy life for one whole week!
Now I'm standing for Meta-Wiki steward election.
It requires people at least 18 or above.
Then I wanna have Malay Wikipedia chase after the Vietnamese Wikipedia,
they are leading at least 2000 articles!
The Malay edition was once having more articles than the Persian, Vietnamese, ...
Now we are thrown far behind :-(
Chase chase chase

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