Sunday, December 30, 2007

Watched the movie - The Warlords (in Mandarin)

Watched in 21st December night 11.20 pm I think, in Jaya Jusco. So we went for shopping first, but have to wait before the movie starts...

This movie's story background was in China, during Ching Dinasty, during the rebel of Tai Ping Tian Guo (太平天國) by Hong Xiu Quan (洪秀全). But he wasn't mentioned at all! The main characters were one government general (Pang Qing Yun 龐青雲) and 2 bandits (Zhao Er Hu 趙二虎 and Jiang Wu Yang 姜午陽) who joined him.

This story has covered many many historical facts. In history, the Qing government beat the rebels with the help of Westerners. But this was covered! And if you have watched the movie, you see a cross. If you don't know the history at all, you will never understand why was there a cross. It is because Hong Xiu Quan was a Christian! So probably there were Christian soldiers under him.

And there was cruelty... While the rebels surrendered, yet they ended up being killed, without having any weapon to fight back! What a cruelty... :'(

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