Friday, May 16, 2008

Failed driving test :-(

Monday - besides teaching, I had to carry on the really headache job since Friday: arranging the books in the library! My mum helped me a bit. We have to group the books into families. Then we have to record. And until now it is still not complete!

Tuesday - the YWAM people came in the morning. 3 English people. They have seen how our Hope (Level 6) class in conducted. The afternoon was quite special, we took the Joy class kids out to buy bread for their tea break...

Wednesday - On leave. Learn driving. Eventually, my three-point-turn is allright! Then the going-up the hill, parking...

Thursday - Driving test... FAILED at the going-out section! Because I went too close to the car in front. Have to take the test again after 2 weeks (29 May). :-( But passed all the hill, 3-point turn and parking

Friday - Wanted to do the work given by boss, but couldn't retrieve the photos from the external hard disk :-(

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