Saturday, May 3, 2008

CYF Birthday Celebration

No Blessed Kids today because of Dr. Teoh's son marriage, but our YF still on!

As usual, I followed my dad who used to drive a church van to carry people to Blessed Kids and CYF. But this time, we ignored the kids. But:

Jessica thought that the YF was cancelled. Since she wasn't ready at all, she decided not to come.
Kai Xuen went himself
So, only the two pretty sisters - Yin Peng and Yin Hung came.

Yin Hung had been absent for twice because she was busy of her PMR History project. Eventually...

At the end, altogether 12 of us turned up. Wai Yan came late.

As usual, we have worship in songs, then we played games... until we have our birthday (Jan-Apr) celebration. Only 2 of us celebrating! The other one was Juliana. If Isaiah didn't go for National Service, he would be another birthday boy.

Interestingly, I was the only one who brought a camera. So we took some photos.

We have prepared junk foods, drinks, presents, and a birthday cake. I prepared 12 soya beans. They start drinking my supply after the soft drinks were finished up.

At the end, My dad and I used our own car to send the beautiful Chong sisters home...

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