Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sam Chai 6A - shopping at Jaya Jusco

But only 6 boys and 2 girls altogether!
Jensen invited us. Besides us, there were:
Siong Tung
Kean Hui
Yik Hong (left half way)
Yen Wen (late)
Pek Mun
And... argh! Cannot spell his name...

We have agreed to meet at 11 am, but Jensen himself came late - 11.45 am!!
We watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Wow, I couldn't recognize Pek Mun!
Haha... she's far too much different from her photo she post on Windows Live Messenger. And... she's short! Haha...

Then after that we took lunch at McDonald's. At this moment only Yen Wen turned up!

Later... Yik Hong left, I can't remember when.

We went around, e.g. the game centre...
Yen Wen's mother (Teacher Goh, my standard 3 class teacher) came. We talked...

Argh... only these few of us! When can we all meet again?

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