Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back home to rest

Today (Erm... I mean the 3rd day, Wednesday), I go home.

Philip and four girls - Anny, Anna, May and ... don't know how to spell her name... came along with me. It was Pastor Eduan sending me, as he need to go to market.

Dropped us at the Petronas station in Simpang Pulai.

I went back to school to have my O-Level and UEC results certified by the Vice Principal (Haven't get a new Principal yet). Met just a few friends plus teachers and talked for short while :-( And I even have to wait for the Vice Principal...

As I look around... wow, Yew Jia ____________________ has grown fat! :-P Anyway she's still very very pretty to me, want to tell her that SHE DOES NOT NEED TO GO FOR SLIMMING. Wish her pretty forever...

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