Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Orang Asli village

We went on Monday. I was worried about life there.
Bishop described how terrible is the environment - a lot of mosquitoes, toilet without door, ...
But fortunately it isn't as bad as I thought! Alhamdulillah! Hallelujah!
The toilet has door and even had lock, but just a piece of wood nailed there. At first I didn't see that! Haha :-P

On Sunday night, a girl whom I cannot spell her name, who had attended last year's Training, came and join us for 2 weeks. So she has experience!

On Monday, we took LRT from Salak South to Pudu bus station. You know, we got to the wrong place to wait for bus! Wow... carrying such heavy bags...

The bus was around 10am I think. Reached the Medan Gopeng bus station in Ipoh around 12 something. My land!!

I've phoned my dad to bring me my Malay Bible. Then he even bought me KFC!

But we ate at McDonald's...

We were taken by Orang Asli in 3 vans. As we went up the mountain, eventually we have lost handphone signal and our communication with the outside world is OFF.

Cooling place...

How sad, I have to finish up my meal while the others enjoy at the waterfall :-(

Oh ya, the village is Kampung Pawong, the church is Gereja Hosanna. The pastor's name is Eduan.

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