Thursday, January 10, 2008

2nd day with Orang Asli

Life without phone signal, without electricity, without...

Actually in the cam[fire at the night before, it was decided that the girls have to get up to cook, but I objected, I called this MALE CHAUVINISM, as this needs the girls to get up earlier than the boys. So I've got up early too!

Then at the end, almost everyone helped in cooking.

After breakfast, the boys dig fish pond while the girls... not sure what, but I know they paved a path to the water tap.

We who digged fish pond went to the river to take bath before lunch. But only few of us! :-(

In the afternoon, there was Sunday School around 4 pm. Ermm.. should call "Tuesday School"! Played games, sing songs...

Then after that, around 6 pm, we splitted into 2 groups for home visiting. Each group only one family. Come chat with me to find out more.

After dinner, we have prayer meeting at night...

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