Sunday, October 5, 2008

Haha... more than one month...

Sorry... almost forgotten this blog :-P Almost one month I never returned to Ipoh, now finally... This is the third time I came back by train.

What to tell? The last time Icame back was a week after Independence Day, when Poi Lam High School had food & fun fair. Met a few old friends... Such a sucessful fair! The coupons were sold off early around 11am. I bought quite a number of items!

The following Sundays? I went to All Saint's Church Cheras for 3 times. The church is near the Chan Sow Lin LRT Station (STAR Line or Ampang Line).

1st time - from Putrajaya Sentral took Metrobus to Serdang KTM Komuter station, took commuter to Bandar Tasik Selatan, then LRT to Chan Sow Lin

2nd time - took bus E1 from Putrajaya Sentral to Central Market (Pasar Seni), walked to Plaza Rakyat LRT station (behind Puduraya bus station), travelled to Chan Sow Lin

3rd time - Saturday evening followed a few CCF members such as Yii Ching Ping to City Disciples Presbyterian Church Subang Jaya, at night took commuter from Subang Jaya to Bank Negara, walked to Bandaraya LRT station, travelled to Chan Sow Lin. Stayed overnight in church!

Know how I found the church? I used Google Earth and an atlas of Klang Valley. By the way I got the church address from the Diocese of West Malaysia website: Then on the Saturday evening before, I confirmed the way by walking from the LRT station, and met Vincent Phang and his aunt who is in charge of taking care of the church. Vincent Phang is a son of a pastor, Ven Andrew Phang of Christ Church Penang. Vincent is studying in LimKokWing University, Cyberjaya. By the way this All Saint's Church is Chong En Hui's church. My friend in ASOD. Then I found that Deaconess Chin Kho Nee is serving there!

1st year 1 trimester over... barred from Computer Programming I because attendance too low, absent for Database Systems because forgotten the date... :'( :'( :'( End up only sat for Digital Systems, passed. But overall, failed this final exam, so under probabtion :'( I was probably one of the last local students leaving the hostel, I went home on the first Wednesday of the trimester break.

31st October - followed St. Michael's Church people to St. Paul's Church Petaling Jaya to watch the Ordination of Priests and Deacons. I was the only one in St. Peter's Church who enrolled to watch this ceremony, so I got to follow these St. Michael's Church people. I was representing St. Peter's Church :D Gideon Lee from St. Michael's Church and Wong Yoo from Gereja Shekinah Mambang Di Awan were ordained as a priest, and...

Oooh... finally my dad allow me to drive further, to St. Peter's Church, St. Michael's Church...

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