Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1st year 2nd trimester...

Repeating Computer Programming I and Database Systems, plus Malaysian Studies.

Malaysian Studies? Hehe... I used to be good in Local Studies (Kajian Tempatan) in primary school, then Geography and History in PMR... :D But last year SPM History I didn't have time to prepare, so... D7 :P

Computer Programming I? More fun... ;)

Database Systems? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stil susahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it :@

Get to know more friends in class, Christian Fellowship, church... different kinds of races... :D

My notebook computer got struck by lighting during the previous break, so I was computer-less for the first two weeks :( even so still got warranty, no charges :D Only went home 2nd weekend, get back this computer... then later never go home until Christmas!

Oh God, En Hui is back from Singapore!

There was one Sunday, I planned to go to St. Mary's Cathedral, then visit my friends in All Saint's Church. But I couldn't get up :P so only went to ASC, then attended Dss. Chin's "Anglicanism" class.

I was too late to sign up for Diocese Chinese Youth Camp :( no more friends in Ipoh at that time :( I went to St. Mary's Cathedral.

The next two Sundays, All Saint's Church. The first one, went out with friends there for lunch, and we have meeting about the youth while we eat :D As it was the first time Jason met me, I was wearing the Our Saviour's Church Youth Club T-shirt, he thought I'm from that church :P

Then I took the shuttle train back to Ipoh on 24th night. Returned 26 evening because got programming lab test on 27th morning, really rosak my plan :(

Anyway, on 28th morning I attended the Christmas Carol in All Saint's Church. My first Christmas Carol I think. Now I used to attend this church.

I'm going to celebrate my countdown here in Klang Valley instead of Ipoh... first time outside Ipoh...

Then on 01/01/2009 I'm following Jason, Josephine and bao wei to St. Paul's Church Slim River, the opening ceremony of ASOD 2009. I will come back to KL after the ceremony, then I will attend from 12th to 21st.

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