Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Went to St. Mary's Cathedral just for "spiritual meal"!?

Suddenly wanted to go home, suddenly decided not to go home. Then I have St. Mary's Cathedral in mind, and I found that Masjid Jamek LRT station (both STAR and PUTRA) is the nearest transport station, so I took KLIA Transit and STAR LRT (now known as Ampang Line) to Masjid Jamek and walked there, then I found that the church was preparing for a wedding on the next day. I enquired for the Sunday service and found that there are 7am, 8.30am, 10.30am and 6pm.

Saturday? Erm... nothing.

Sunday - followed the Chinese Christian Fellowship to Serdang Methodist Church. In Mandarin. Took lunch in Serdang. Then I went for the Evensong in St. Mary's Cathedral (i.e. the 6pm service). I took RapidKL T429 to Putrajaya Sentral and took RapidKL E1 to KL Sentral (I didn't know that E1 stops there, thought of going to Central Market a.k.a Pasar Seni and take PUTRA LRT), then I took PUTRA LRT to Masjid Jamek station. But I've misestimated the time! I was very very late, arrived 7pm and just right to take Holy Communion ONLY, not even the sermon. Then as I was spoted as a newcomer, I was introduced to the young (20 and above?) members in the Contemporary Service (same time as the traditional Evensong). I talked with them until around 8.30pm, then I took STAR LRT to Plaza Rakyat Station and went to Puduraya bus station to buy bus ticket for this coming Friday - I'm sure I want to go home. Alas! No more afternoon tickets! I bought Transnasional 11.30am, so I'll have to get up very early. After that I tried to find my way to Central Market (Pasar Seni) to take RapidKL E1 back to Putrajaya Sentral (don't want to spend on the KLIA Transit). I went into Jalan Petaling and got lost, passed by the Bar Council building (where two weeks ago there was the convert to Islam forum and some Muslims gathered up to protest), then I gave up, thought of taking PUTRA LRT from Pasar Seni station to somewhere else. As I was getting near the station, there were buses there! And there was an E1! So I got up and...

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