Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now... one week break

As you can see...

I didn't go to SMAC Youth on Saturday night because they have Games Night and it was too early for me! (6.30-8.00pm) Our CYF was preparing for Youth Sunday on 31st August. Argh... I don't know how to dance :-(

On Sunday, I gave everyone in Ray of Hope a surprise - I'm back!! Mymom didn't tell them that I was following. Because not enough car, I went on Isaiah's car to SMAC. We worshipped there, then the students have performances such as dancing and percussion... then we sell cookies...

It was Datin Mary Yeoh giving sermon - yeah, in Cantonese. And there was Holy Communion, but we didn't shake hand!?

And - Stella didn't turn up.

Monday - practice driving in Jelapang before leaving for MMU. It was too late when my notebook computer was ready, so I have to visit a cybercafé at night, opposite Puduraya bus station. Found that the PTPTN agreement signing time changed from 2.30pm to 11.00 am. But already bought bus ticket for 9.30pm!

Tuesday - Went to sign agreement, but still have somemore have to let my parents sign. Then, about 2.30pm, I found that I have a friend from Sarawak who didn't know about the time change! Poor thing... his loan will be delayed... I went back on the 7.30pm bus.

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