Saturday, February 23, 2008

5th week

Eventually, 5th week, my favorite lesson! Malaysian Society, Islam and Christianity!!

On Sunday, we went to St. Gabriel's Church. No Holy Communion... :-( During the praises in songs, while singing the last song, Anna cried at the end... pityful... WHY!? Tak tau. After service, the pastor gave us briefing about the church, then we have lunch. I DON'T LIKE THE LUNCH!!!! Then we bought ice-cream... yummy! In the afternoon, Pastor Jacob Bau gave a lesson about how our brain works... such as our brain tend to give the wrong message, etc.

Monday... eventually, the day has come! My favorite subject!! It was by Pastor Gan from St. Stephen's Church Yong Peng. On the 1st day, it was about Malaysian society. So we learned about Malaysian society, have group discussion, and then DEBATE!! There were 3 groups of us. 1st group led by Jia Rui, 2nd group by Grace, and 3rd group by me. We discussed about - in these 50 years, Malaysia is successful in what ways, what are the reformations should be done, and as Christians what we can do for our country. It was really exciting to debate!

Following days were about Islam, such as the Prophet Muhammad, what they believe... wow... I can't remember! We have group discussions and debates again...

We have a test on the 3rd day, on Islam. The total marks was 40, and I scored 38!! But left behind by Grace (39)!!

The 4th day... erm... I've forgotten! :-P Anyway there was Graduation Ceremony, but I'm not going to talk about it here, next post!

5th day, the last day. It was such a waste for Christine who have went back on the night before, she had to follow her church members. We have sharing regarding the lesson. While the lesson was on, suddenly Wilson and En Hui were caught talking, so they were chased out! But later Wilson came back secretly. So the pastor asked him to explain and apologize, so he was forgiven. As the lesson ended, it was such a touching time, farewell... the girls cried...

Anna and Grace hugged so many people (so including boys!). But Anna didn't hug me :-( Grace did.

I wanted to thank Anna's dad, Deacon Gideon Lee for helping to pass the money to me, so I wrote a thank you note. But Anna had left... :'(

So many people left...

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