Friday, March 21, 2008

Perak new Menteri Besar

DAP won the most seats among the 3 opposition parties, and they form a coalition government here. But - is the Perak DAP chariman Ngeh Koo Ham going to be the MB?

The Perak constitution states that the Chief Minister must be a Malay Muslim, unless the Sultan grants exemption. At first, the 3 parties agreed to let the Perak PAS secretary, Mohammed Nizar, to be the new MB. But the DAP grassroots were unhappy, so the 3 parties have to negotiate again. So DAP would like the Sultan to give exemption and let Ngeh to be the new MB. If he becomes the new MB, we get the first Chinese MB, and also the first Christian MB. Besides that, the Perak KeADILan treasurer was also a potential new MB.

This problem stayed for about one week, at the end the Sultan apppointed Mohammed Nizar. Ngeh Koo Ham becomes the No.1 Deputy Chief Minister (Timbalan Menteri Besar). The No.2 Deputy MB is reserved for an Indian. But Lim Kit Siang declared unsatisfication and called for boycotting the ceremony! So the ceremony was postponed.

Now everything has gone smoothly... How will the new government rule Perak?

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