Wednesday, March 19, 2008

12th General Election

Most probably I'm just one of the MINORITIES of teenagers who are interested in politics. I enjoy following up political issues. Interesting. Most teenagers think these are none of their business, they would rather follow up things like Edison Chen's sex photo scandal, or which celebrity date with which celebrity...

While Tan Lian Hoa (or whatever!) from Gerakan, who was the MP of Bukit Gantang, wanted to go to Taiping, M.Kayveas of PPP who was the MP there insisted to stay. UMNO wanted back Bukit Gantang, which is a Malay area. At 1st UMNO wanted to give ger Lenggong, but at the end they gave her Gerik. She - a gypsy woman? :-P

And some other political competitions... DAP and KeADILan negotiated over Chinese areas and Chinese-majority mixed areas, KeADILan and PAS negotiated over Malay areas and Malay-majority mixed areas. The oppositions want to work together to fight BN. But DAP kept denying that they cooperate with PAS.

This time PAS didn't declare their ambition of building an Islamic state - instead, a charity state (negara kebajikan).

Wan Azizah, the chairwoman of KeADILan, said that if she wins Permatang Pauh, then she will resign when her hubby Anwar Ibrahim is free to take part in politics, and give way for him to go for by-election. Anwar was jailed for 5 years due to abuse of power as Deputy PM, then for 4 years he couldn't take part in politics. Btw, he was supposed to be jailed for another 9 years for sodomy, but later found no prove.

Politics... my favorite drama... hehe...

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