Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow... how many times I balik kampung!?


Latest news of me in MMU - I dropped 2 subjects! TMT1011 and LES1010. TMT1011 is actually not in my major, I founded out. My dad and I misunderstood the list.It's actually not my schecule, just a list of subjects of the faculty - Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). Now? Only 13 credit hours! Then the LES1010 (Technical Communication), when I attended the lesson I didn't even understand what is it about, just knowing that we were given an assignment - doing a survey. I registered late, so I was left behind. I decided to do next year, maybe. Then the next trimester I will also do Mathematical Techniques I which is meant for this trimester.

Saturday I just went to St. Peter's Church, didn't go to St. Michael's Church. Because SMAC has Youth Sunday, and started early (7.30pm). My dad is lazy to send me all the way to Kampung Tawas. Stella told me that if they are to arrange their van to take me there, I have to wait at 6pm. But at that time was 5.45 pm, I was still in SPC! I haven't take my dinner! Nevermind, see you this coming Saturday, maybe.

This morning I went back to English 2nd service. Speaker - Pastor Ling from... I don't know what church is that, but I'm sure not Anglican.

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